AC Load Calculator



Disclaimer: The recommended BTU loads were determined in good faith and are intended for general informative purposes only. We do not take responsibility for or guarantee any completeness, reliability, or accuracy of this information. There can be several other unique factors in certain applications that significantly affect and even falsify these values. You should always consult a licensed design engineer for the most accurate measurements and values, which can only be truly obtained after a thorough inspection of the job site is performed and all related factors are determined.These calculators and conversion tools are intended solely for general information and educational purposes, and are provided to help inexperienced contractors in the HVAC field and to give more experienced contractors additional reference tools.The calculators and conversion tools provided are not intended in any way as HVAC advice or services, or as a solicitation for any product or service. Any result from use of these calculators and conversion tools may not be applicable or accurate with regard to the individual circumstances, cannot be relied upon for anything, including, without limitation, designs or decisions, and should not be the basis for any action or inaction on your part.