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Features & Specifications

The Ranco® 4-Way Reversing Valves are designed for heat pump applications such as window-type, unitary and split systems.
They are the key component to provide heating and cooling from the heat pump system by reversing the flow direction of the refrigerant.
These solenoid operated valves are slide type with a 4-way pilot valve, and operate under the full pressure of the heat pump system.
Note: Solenoid coils are not included with the reversing valve and are sold separately.

• Metal slide with Teflon seal assures minimal pressure drop for better functionality
• Magnetic pilot valve facilitates low power consumption
• Optimal internal seals ensure reliability and durability of the valve
• Copper inlet and outlet tubes allow for ease of
installation and time saved in brazing
• Effortless switching from cooling to heating
Optional Accessory - LDK Series Solenoid Coils
The Ranco® LDK Series Solenoid Coils are designed for use with current production V1, V2, V3, V6, V10 and V12 Ranco 4-way Reversing Valves.
• Epoxy encapsulated
• Continuous duty
• Moisture resistant magnetic coils
• Includes wiring harness Applications
• Heat pumps
• De-icing circuits
• Hydronic heating

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