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Features & Specifications

B Section 0.66" Top Width X 0.41" Thickness X 40°angle - For B Section B210 and under, add 3 inches for outside length - Example: B20 + 3 inches = 23" approximate outside length.

Jason/Megadyne’s Multi-Plus® V-Belts are designed to perform in tandem in multiple V-Belt drives, maintaining drive efficiency and classical belt performance. Multi-Plus® V-Belts are always matched, easy to install and maintain. Jason Multi-Plus® V-Belts come in a complete range of sizes, are anti-static and offer oil and heat resistance meeting RMA requirements.

Dual Branding – A and B section belts up to 100" are Dual Branded clearly identifying both RMA classical and fractional horsepower (FHP) sizes allowing consolidation of your classical and FHP inventory into one belt line – saving you money! No need to carry two separate product lines. The dual part number system is more than just labeling, too. FHP & Classical belts have the same top width dimension but classical profile is deeper, allowing more belt/pulley contact and reducing sheave wear.

Dual Branding Example: A40 (4L420), B78 (5L810)

• UniMatch® Construction - Consistent performance in multiple V-Belt drives - ensures all belts will measure within ARPM matching standards.
• Dual Branding - A & B sections dual-branded with classical and FHP part numbers - reduces inventory by allowing you to discontinue 4L and 5L.
• Oil & Heat Resistant - Durability in tough environments.

Construction Compound - Natural Rubber/SBR.
Cord - Polyester.
Cover - Cotton/Polyester blend.
Applications - General Industry, HVAC Equipment, Lawn & Garden, Agriculture Engineering.
Standards - Conforms to ARPM standard IP 20.
Recommended Pulleys - Use pulleys made to ARPM standards standards.

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