STANDARD FILTER - 18 in. W x 20 in. H x 1 in.

STANDARD FILTER - 18 in. W x 20 in. H x 1 in.

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PREpleat M13 filters are designed for general air filtration in all types of cooling, heating, and ventilating systems. They can be used as prefilters to extend the life of higher efficiency filters, or on their own. These filters are suitable for installation in front access holding frames and side access housings. These filters are excellent for upgrading from disposable panel filters, permanent filters, or media pads in metal frames, where a higher level of cleaning is desired.

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Features & Specifications

• The PREpleat M13 pleated filter has a low initial resistance and supports achievement of LEED credits by significantly improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and reducing energy consumption when upgrading from filters with lower MERV ratings and higher resistance levels.

• The PREpleat M13 provides an initial efficiency of MERV 13 per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-2007 (80–85%) at a resistance of only .20″ w.g. (2″ depth) when operating at approach velocity of 375 FPM—only 0.30 at 500 FPM.

Superior Design and Construction
• Bi-component media: Ultra-high performance bi-component synthetic media contains electrostatically engineered tri-lobal fibers within homogenous domains of positive and negative Electret charges. These Electret charges in the bi-component fibers contribute to an ultra-high performance product.

• Media Support: Diamond-shaped expanded metal maintains maximum support while avoiding air bypass.

• Pleat Design: V-Pleat design minimizes resistance, keeping consistent pleat count, height, and shape.

• Frame: Heavy-duty two-piece moisture-resistant frame includes diagonal and horizontal support members bonded to the media on the air entering and leaving sides. This is a durable frame for any commercial and industrial application.

• Operating Temperature Limits: Maximum operating temperature is 180°F (82.22°C).

Media Type - Synthetic
Frame Material - Beverage Board
Special Size Available - Yes
Max Operating Temperature - 180˚F (82˚C)
Efficiency - MERV 13
Certification - UL900

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